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Raspberry and Various Nuts

Welcome to Forty Love Nutrition! 
Registered Dietitian I Functional Nutritionist I Physique Consultant 

Regain peace and confidence with your changing body through a personalized body re-composition program to take control of your metabolism and weight

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  • No more hunger pangs and cravings;


  •  No longer following a restrictive diet plan;


  • Free from dependence on the scale as a measurement of your health and fitness.

Frustrated by countless diets with no success, you may feel like you are doing something wrong.

If this is you, and you want to feel healthier, more energized and happier during your weight loss journey… check out our nutrition program.

At Forty Love Nutrition, we holistically promote your optimal health and weight loss through re-compositioning your body, balancing your hormones, optimizing your GI function, and reducing inflammation.




Because using these methods can make a positive impact on your nutritional status, energy levels, weight, and other areas of your health.

Cookies on a Plate

Here are the potential health benefits you can expect from our programs at Forty Love Nutrition: 

Our methods help: 

  • Reduce your body fat and maintain/increase your muscle mass to an ideal range

  • Establish a confident relationship with your physique and weight 

  • Minimize the risk of developing various chronic conditions such as diabetes and obesity 

  • Identify the root cause of your symptoms and find best solutions

  • Optimize your nutritional status for better health and increased energy levels

  • Increase the flexibility of your diet to include the foods you enjoy without feeling guilty

  • Increase your metabolism and promote weight loss through a balanced diet 

  • Slow aging and reduce age-related metabolic conditions/symptoms

  • Increase your resilience to day-to-day stress and heighten your feeling of well-being

  • Enable you to have a more active lifestyle, so you can increase your physical strength and stamina

Forty Love Nutrition's Approach to Health and Weight


Body Recomposition

Maintaining an ideal balance of body fat and muscle mass makes your weight loss journey easier and keeps you healthy.

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Balancing key hormones, i.e., insulin and cortisol, can help improve your energy levels and metabolism, making weight loss less challenging.

Hormone Balance

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Optimizing your GI function and managing GI symptoms is the key to increased nutrient digestion and absorption, which support weight loss.

Inflammation Management

Reducing inflammation in your body may improve your energy levels, prevent chronic diseases and promote weight loss and muscle gain.



Here's a little bit of background on myself and how Forty Love Nutrition was born...


In the tennis world, everyone desires to be in the 40-love score position (next point wins the game), however in the nutrition world not everyone loves or considers being in their 40s as winning.

Hi, I’m Sayuri, a tennis player, and also a Registered Dietitian, weight loss consultant, and body re-composition specialist. I’m here to help you on your nutrition journey to loving your 40s!

Have you found yourself struggling with your nutrition and self esteem/ image in your 20s, 30s and 40s?

This is an ongoing challenge I’ve had as well for most of my life, which inspired me to become a dietitian and to get in shape, so I know what you are going through and can help you as well!

I'm excited to take a swing at your health challenges, and here are some of my specialties:  

  • Medical Nutrition Therapy for chronic diseases

  • Functional nutrient and metabolic testing

  • Weight loss and obesity prevention

  • Hormone imbalances

  • Upper and lower gastrointestinal diseases including GERD and SIBO

  • Women's health including menopause, thyroid disease, and PCOS


Schedule a complimentary discovery call today, so I can show you how my programs may help you with your health journey! 

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