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Services Offered at Forty Love Nutrition LLC

Registered Dietitian I Functional Nutritionist I Physique Consultant
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**Now accepting various health insurance plans**

UnitedHealthcare (UHC)

Regence Blueshield

Premera Blue Cross

First Choice Health


HSA/FSA funds

20-min Discovery Call - Complimentary 

This free discovery call is available for you to determine which nutrition services we offer are the right fit for your health goals. **Please note that this call does not include a nutrition consultation and recommendations. 

Standard Services

Individual 1:1 Nutrition Counseling (60-90 min) - $195 Initial / $80 Follow-up

During the session, we will assess your health by reviewing your diet, medical history, lab records (if applicable), lifestyle, GI status, and stress and energy levels. This will help us identify the potential root cause of your symptoms or conditions. Next, we will provide nutrition education and interventions tailored to your conditions. At the end of the session, we will create customized nutrition and health recommendations and SMART goals together. Individual sessions may be covered by many health insurance providers. 

** Please note that this is a cash-pay rate, and insurance rate may be different based on your insurance plan.  


Masterclass - Conquering Fat Loss Before Menopause (90 min) - $55

Are you struggling to keep your weight down after hitting 40? You have tried various restrictive diets with no good results, feeling frustrated, sluggish, and tired...  Prior and during hormonal transition, it is crucial to approach weight loss through body re-composition to maintain a healthy and ideal physique. In this 90-min masterclass, we will show you how to start a body re-composition program by helping you change to your health mindset, to create a healthy relationship with food, and to optimize your nutrition and energy levels. This class is right for you if you are striving to feel healthy and confident regardless of age.

Functional Testing - Price varies depending on which tests are selected

We offer a variety of functional nutrient, hormone, and metabolic tests. These tests will help us determine the root cause of your symptoms, so that we can develop personalized nutrition recommendations. This testing includes an initial assessment and a test result analysis and interpretation. Please contact us for testing and pricing information. 

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