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Services Offered 

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20-min Discovery Call - Complimentary 

This free discovery call is available for you to determine which nutrition services we offer are the right fit for your health goals. **Please note that this call does not include a nutrition consultation and recommendations. 

Standard Services

Initial Nutrition Consultation (90 min) - $195 

During the initial consultation, we will assess your health by reviewing your diet, medical history, lab records (if applicable), lifestyle, GI status, and stress and energy levels. This will help us identify the potential root cause of your symptoms or conditions. Next, we will provide nutrition education and interventions tailored to your conditions. At the end of the session, we will create customized nutrition and health recommendations and SMART goals together. This service may be covered by many health insurance providers, especially if you have medical diagnoses such as diabetes, hypertension, obesity, and other chronic health conditions. ** Please note that this is a cash-pay rate, and insurance rate may be different based on your insurance plan.  


Follow-Up Session(s) (30-45 min) - $80 per session

These follow-up sessions are optional and available after your initial nutrition consultation and are recommended on a bi-weekly to monthly basis to help track your progress. During each session, we will revisit your health goals, review your progress, and make beneficial adjustments to your diet and lifestyle. Follow-up sessions are ideal for those with chronic health conditions and inflammatory disease states that may require consistent monitoring. This service may also be covered by many health insurance providers. ** Please note that this is a cash-pay rate, and insurance rate may be different based on your insurance plan.  

1-Month Nutrition Package - $395 ($515 value)

This discounted package is recommended for those who choose not to use or don't have health insurance benefits for nutrition services. This package is also suitable for individuals with chronic diseases who may benefit from a dietitian's consistent dietary monitoring.  This package includes: 

  • 1 x Initial nutrition consultation 

  • 2 x Follow-up sessions

  • Weekly personalized nutrition advice and health resources

  • Unlimited email/ text support during the enrolled month

Add-On Services

Functional Testing - Price varies depending on which tests are selected

We offer a variety of functional nutrient, hormone, and metabolic tests. These tests will help us determine the root cause of your symptoms, so that we can develop personalized nutrition recommendations. This testing includes an initial assessment and a test result analysis and interpretation. Please contact us for testing and pricing information. 

Meal Plans with Nutrient Analysis - $100 per week 

This service will include weekly meal plans, food recommendations, and a comprehensive nutrient analysis specific to your health goals or conditions. This plan will cover breakfast, lunch, dinner, and snacks that are tailored to your food preferences and dietary needs. This service is for anyone, and is especially beneficial for those with chronic diseases, impaired GI function, or weight loss challenges. 

Dietary Supplement Review -$50

Determining your best dietary supplement options can be overwhelming and confusing. This service is a great addition to a nutrition consultation if you are interested in learning about supplements and nutritional adequacy. After reviewing your current dietary supplement regime, supplement education and general recommendations will be provided based on your health conditions. 

Unlimited Email/Text Support - $45 per week 

This service is optional after your initial nutrition consultation. Whenever you have nutrition questions or concerns, we will answer you within 24 hours. This unlimited daily support service is recommended for those who just started their health journey. This service is also beneficial for those with chronic health conditions such as diabetes, heart disease, and chronic kidney disease that may require consistent daily diet monitoring. 

1-Month Metabolism Reset Program - $125


This program focuses on balancing your blood sugar, insulin and cortisol (stress hormone) levels, which all affect your metabolism and weight management. Each week, we will keep track of your food intake through a shared platform, and you will be provided with basic nutrient analysis, education and resources, weekly tasks, and email support. This self-driven program is intended to help improve your metabolism and energy level through simple dietary and lifestyle modifications. 


*Now accepting health insurance**

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HSA/FSA funds

*Superbills (medical receipts) are also available if you would like to attempt to directly make a claim with your health insurance company for potential full/partial reimbursement. 

Please contact us for more payment information/ options.

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**Now accepting health insurance**